What if you could amplify your BUSINESS and BRAND in a few steps using only what you've got under your hand : YOUR SMARTPHONE?

Here's the COACHING that will really


You'll get the right skills to quickly create HIGH-IMPATC VIDEOS without losing your mind using complicated softwares and equipment in very little time

You'll gain a new sense of CONFIDENCE

with my easy and fast way to learn how to manage your smartphone camera

Take 3 hours on-line to learn my essential tips

  • Nothing but the essentials

  • Choose the right equipment on a reasonable budget

  • Learn my tricks for taking only ONE TAKE facing camera

  • Grab attention and make people want to contact you!

Then take 3 hours to become autonomous and gain confidence

  • Decide what additional equipment, such as a microphone or tripod you need

  • Learn how to create your next calls to action

  • Prepare your smartphone image gallery

  • Learn how to do the minimum amount of editing with maximum efficiency

Take an extra 3 hours to learn how to face the camera on your smartphone

  • Learn to master a prompter application on your smartphone

  • Add subtitles to your videos

In a few hours, you'll know it all... Only practical!

Your time as an entrepreneur is precious!

If you want to be effective and have an impacting visibility on social networks...

Let's talk about that together?

Practical workshops... if you prefer!

Because the strength of the group also gives us another source of energy for learning.

  • Learn how to stand FACE CAMERA

  • Choose the right EQUIPMENT and use it to film with your smartphone

  • Learn how to use the PROMPTEUR application on your Android or iPhone

  • Improve your video editing skills

  • Learn how to SUBTITLE your videos for social networking...

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Because video is essential to boosting your visibility... you can't do without it.v If you need help, Welcome!


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